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(BLEM) JAB 4 full kit (MOD+RDA)

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*(Miss spelled Immortal On Top Of The Mod) 

27mm solid brass mod that uses the original Redemption deck for the familiar ease of building and great flavor production, with this deck on top of the JAB 4 mod along with a new three way adjustable constant contact button makes for an affordable competition ready device.


  • 27mmx95mm Mod
  • Brass Mod with a Brass cap and a heat resistant plastic AFC
  • Stainless Steel Inverted Clamp Deck
  • Copper Constant Contact
  • 21700/20700/18650 Batteries

Package Contents:

  • JAB 4 Mod
  • Stainless Steel Inverted Clamp Deck
  • JAB 4 Top Cap
  • Replacement O-rings
  • Replacement Clamp Screws
  • Replacement Clamp

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