How it works

Order Online
Go onto our website and log in to your account and place your order.
Earn Points
Every time you order you get 1 point for every $10.
Redeem for Rewards
You can turn in your points for products on our website!
These are the first products we are making available for reward point purchase.
Tier 1
         Exile RDA                         Apocalypse B2
          50 Points                             
50 Points

Tier 2
      Doom-Diamond                  Coated LE Grip
          135 Points                           180 Points

Tier 3
           Doom-X                              Exile Box
          200 Points                           280 Points

1. Get Started
Create an account or sign in through our website.

2. Earn Points
Order online through our site and earn 1 point for every $10 you spend. You must be signed in to earn points.

3. Your Dashboard
View your total points under my account. Check points needed to redeem rewards, available rewards and recent activity.

4. Redeem Rewards
To claim just click redeem under my account and pick which rewards you want.

5. Specials
Earn Double or triple the amount of points when you place an online order durning bonus point days!
Check your emails for bonus point days and change of products available for purchase with points!
Products available for purchase with points are subject to change.
The loyalty program is only available to retail customers.