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Brass Kane 20700 Mod By Avid Lyfe

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Brass Kane 20700 Mod By Avid Lyfe

The Kane Mod from Avid Lyfe is a hard hitting, competition mechanical 20700 mod. The Kane Mod is precision machined with state-of-the-art CNC machines, made out of brass. Each Activist Mech Mod is meticulously inspected and hand de-burred to ensure durability, beauty and overall premium functionality. Each Kane Competition Mod goes through a rigorous inspection before leaving our facility. Avid Lyfe products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty! 


Product Features:

  • 29mm diameter
  • 464 lead-free Naval brass
  • Serialized 
  • Brass Interchangeable Sleeve
  • 20700 Battery Mod (Battery not included)
  • Brass Ninja Star hybrid top cap for direct connection between your atomizer and battery
  • 110 copper firing pin (99.9% pure copper, electrical conductivity rating of 100+% IACS)
  • Adjustable Brass Ninja Star bottom-fire button with opposing rare earth magnets and thread-locking mechanism

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