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Souly Cannoli

Souly Cannoli starts as a perfectly balanced blend of the award-winning "Soul Custardy" and the best-selling "Cannoli Be One". Layer in a light, decadent tiramisu bridge note, and voila: Souly Cannoli. Imagine the essence of "Soul Custardy" with the body of "Cannoli Be One" with just a hint of ladyfingers dipped in caramel latte.

Bean Bags

Bean Bags is a rich doughnut hole rolled in strawberry frosting and lightly dusted with mixed berry cereal. 


We started with a homemade honey graham cracker and sandwiched it with toasted, fluffy marshmallows coated in an extraordinarily creamy, authentic milk chocolate. Expect a flavorful, smooth medley of sweet and savory notes that blend into a perfectly balanced S’more.


Mahalo is our rendition of the original Hawaiian punch recipe. Originally sold as a cocktail of 7+ tropical fruits as an iced cream topping in 1934. We were inspired to create a liquid paying homage to the original version rather than the big red canned stuff. Refreshing, clean and a true taste bud overload. Mahalo!

Butter Pecan Toffee

Rich, flaky, butter pecan pie with a toffee finish rounds out a dessert lovers perfect vape. Very smooth and packed with rich dessert flavor.

Strawberry Banana Smooth-E

Using our proprietary "smoothie flavor blend", Strawberry Banana is the perfect balance of strawberries, bananas and a silky smooth cream base.  Do not expect a banana heavy liquid.  This one is balanced to perfection between the two feature notes.

Cannoli Be One

The smash hit Italian vanilla cream filled pastry. The original and best-selling cannoli.

Cannoli Be Mine

Italian vanilla cream filled pastry with a strawberry drizzle

Cannoli Be Nuts

Italian vanilla cream filled pastry with a topping of chopped and slow roasted pistachios

Cannoli Be Breakfast

Italian vanilla cream filled pastry with a light dusting of fruit cereal. More cream than cereal and VERY light lemon flavor.

Soul Custardy

Smooth and flavorful defines this vanilla custard with very subtle bourbon, graham cracker and butterscotch notes. 


Taste the dry, baked dough, the sweet, thick icing and the most accurate cinnamon roll flavor you're going to find. It is a sweet, sticky, gooey masterpiece with spot on texture. Excellent with your morning coffee or after a satisfying meal. You will not find a more accurate rendition of a cinnamon roll.

Oh Face

Arguably, the most unique and authentic fresh strawberry e-liquid of all time. In a world of simple strawberries, Oh Face stands out big. 


Glazed lemon sugar cookies. Exactly like that - very accurate and true-to-life dessert in e-liquid form. You’ll swear you’re biting into one with every puff. Lemon vape skeptics are known to rave for this one.


Velvety french vanilla bean ice cream coated with a decadent caramel layer stuffed with bits and pieces of waffle cone.

Honey Mellow

Honey nut cereal, marshmallows, a hint of golden graham cracker, and just a smidgen of ripe banana.

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